Small Aluminum Cargo Trailers

Hybrid Trailer Company's compact cargo trailers offer the highest quality construction in a package easily towed behind your vehicle. Whether you drive a motorcycle, ATV, car, truck, SUV, or a new hybrid vehicle, Hybrid Trailer Company has a trailer designed just for you. Take a closer look at what we have to offer, and then order your Hybrid Trailer today!

From the ground up we only use the highest quality materials and components in our trailers.

Cheap imported parts are everywhere in the trailer manufacturing world. But we know to have the best trailer it takes the best parts and that's what we use. We use as much American made components as possible in our trailers

What goes in a great trailer?

All Hybrid trailer company's trailers are equipped with full length rubber torsion axles


Other trailers use independent spindles, Independent spindles are cheap to buy. When a trailer with independent spindles is loaded or hits a bump the wheel will twist and camber out.







Full length axles are designed to tie both spindles together using a heavy steel box frame eliminating wheel flex.


Almost all competitors trailers use cheap independent spindles that are bolted to their thin box tubing frame, There frames will twist.


Not our trailers, When you combine our heavy gauged aluminum channel frame and full length axle the frame is rigid and solid as it should be.



From the Ground Up...

Trailers come standard with full sized 13” aluminum mag wheels. Wrapped in top quality brand Carlisle 175/80/R13 steel belted radial transport tires.


Other trailers on the market use 12” biased ply tires. When you see a trailer going down the highway doing the “shimmy” that's caused by the tiny biased ply tires.


Ride control is everything when towing a small trailer with a small vehicle, don’t use a trailer that has quite frankly wheel barrow tires on it.


Our full sized tires will provide secure track ability in a variety of conditions.

Safety and Ride Control...
Lightweight and Strong!
Enclosed aluminum cargo trailers
Heavy Duty Construction...

A trailer is only as good as its frame, By using a all aluminum frame compared to a steel frame we are able to use heavy materials while still keeping the weight down.


We use a heavy duty heat treated 3/16 3” aluminum channel material for the frame. Compared our materials to other trailers thin walled steel boxed tubing.


The cargo compartment floor is constructed from .090 heat treated aluminum, Walls are constructed with .060 material, compare this to the .030 pre painted bulk material used in other trailers.



Durable Quality Powder Coat Finish...

Our 6 stage in house powder coating system provides these trailers a long lasting durable high quality finish. Standard colors includes biker black, black cherry, pewter, fire engine red, summit white, and 383 military green. Custom colors are available.

Bright LED lighting...

The taillights used on our trailers are  premium quality LED lights Made in the USA!


We only use quality electrical connectors. Cheap connectors do not offer the same reliable connection.

USA Made LED taillights
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GSA Contract #:GS-30F-008CA



Cage Code:6ZUU1

NAICS Codes:336212, 336214

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